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BHS Construction Invests in NARCAN Education

BHS Construction’s investment in NARCAN training and distribution is a testament to their commitment to their employees’ and other construction trades’ well-being. Such initiatives can proactively bring about positive change, promote safety, and create a supportive culture within the construction community. By adopting such measures, lives can be saved, and

BHS Construction 2023 Sponsorship Wrap

That’s a wrap! Wow, what a busy year 2023 was. Throughout the year, BHS contributed over $400,000 in sponsorships and donations to over 90 organizations in Manhattan and surrounding areas. BHS sees the value of investing in their employees, and the communities we work in. “Supporting our local communities in

Standing Up Together to Promote Mental Health in Construction

The construction industry, known for its physical demands and high-pressure work environment, is facing a silent crisis – the mental health of its workers. Long hours, physically demanding tasks, and constant safety risks contribute to stress levels. Add to this the pressure to meet tight deadlines and maintain productivity, and

Wamego Health Center Breaks Ground for a New MRI Addition

Wamego Health Center, established in the late 1900’s, has been growing and adding to their campus over the last few decades. Additions and renovations have taken place over the years to improve patient care to the surrounding community. These additions to the campus include radiology, laboratory, physical therapy, occupational therapy,

Aggieville Art

The newest mural in Manhattan is located in the heart of Aggieville. Every year more murals can be seen throughout Manhattan, Kansas. Jeff Wick, CEO of WTC Fiber says, ” It is my vision to see murals all over Manhattan.” His vision is coming true. There are now over 30

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