Post Construction &
Special Projects

BHS has a long list of repeat clients due to our service after the sale excellence. We don't just build structures, we build relationships. As we finish project scope, often other items come to our client's mind - pictures to hang or cabinets added, they find they are ready for that building addition after all. The BHS special projects division is there for all your post construction needs
and additions.

Project Closeout

Your BHS Construction team is dedicated to ensuring a quality, functional space has been created. Through our post construction checklists - including tests & balances, operating & maintenance manuals and owner education - you know your space is ready for use.

Quality Assurance

As a team, we have seen many buildings go up and appreciate the importance of a building outlasting its erectors. We focus on the small details that will extend the life of the building and bring value to our clients both during construction and after. Our commitment to our clients extends well after the completion of a project.

Continued Service

Your next project, no matter the scale, is a priority to BHS. Our special projects division is growing and ready to serve our clients. From room remodels, to cabinet adjustments, to building additions, BHS has you covered on your project. We are your full scale general contractor.

Quality at Completion

We have a dedicated post construction division for anything that is needed as your project scope wraps up. Ensuring final touches are done right and doing the extras our clients request ensures our clients move into a space that not only matches their vision, but meets quality expectations.

"In summary, BHS Construction does what they promise. They were a steady source of encouragement and confidence."

Mark Hateshol

St Luke's Early Learning Center

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Rebecca Walton

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