Customized Approach

Build Together with BHS Construction

The building experience at BHS begins today. Our team excels at determining budget concerns and considers value engineering options for your project.

At BHS, the building experience begins with a simple question - How can we serve our client best? Our team of experienced construction professionals is dedicated to bringing your vision to life through collaboration at each phase of the construction process.


The greatest value we provide as a construction manager is found through preconstruction services. BHS Construction has a team of elite cost estimators and managers with experience and expertise to set your project up for success.


The building experience at BHS Construction is an open book. Construction budgets are transparent and efficient. We value communication, serving the community, and quality in every step of the building process.

Post-Construction & Special Projects

At BHS we don't leave once construction is complete, we are available to ensure functionality of all systems. We have a dedicated division for anything that is needed after your project is complete, whether that is to fix a door seal or to build an addition onto your building. BHS ensures the best quality to our clients.

Our approach

Three Approaches, One Goal

Construction projects have many moving parts, but as an owner, you just need to know you're getting the highest quality at the lowest cost, in the shortest amount of time. Multiple project delivery methods allow for flexibility within this complex process.

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Best for: Less complex projects that may be similar to something that has been built before, or needs a fast turnaround.

The owner engages with a construction management firm that offers a design-build team first.

The D/B team of both architects and contractors work together from the start of the design process until the end of construction.

The owner has a single point of contact with the construction management firm for the whole project because the firm is essentially a “one-stop-shop” for design and construction services.

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Construction Manager at Risk

Best for: decreasing owners’ risk on a project with collaboration and higher quality from all parties.

The owner engages with the architect or contractor first.

The architect starts to develop the design and brings in the contractor into the design process as early as possible so that they can work collaboratively from beginning to end, like D/B.

The contractor will hold all the risks of construction by setting a guaranteed maximum price (GMP). GMP means that the contractor guarantees completion of the project under a fixed cost, and any savings within that are given back to the owner.

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Best for: public work projects with more engineering than architecture.

The owner engages with the architect first.

The architect develops the design and creates construction documents to disseminate to all contractors preparing for the bidding process.

After the bidding process ends, usually, owners will select the lowest bidding contractor and then construction begins. However, the lowest bidder may not be the highest quality contractor. The lowest bid selection often occurs at the subcontractor level as well.

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