Preconstruction Services

Preconstruction is where you will see the most value from a construction manager. BHS has a team of elite cost estimators and preconstruction managers with the experience and expertise to set your project up for success. Whether you are just exploring project options or have an end in mind, our Preconstruction Services Team can serve you.


At BHS we believe the success of a project depends heavily on the relationships formed in the early stages before construction begins. We truly value our client's input and strive to cultivate a positive relationship that enables us to deliver exceptional results that not only meet expectations but exceed them.


Communication is key for the success of a project. BHS uses industry standard software to create and share information throughout the planning phases and into the construction phase of the project.


Often it will take multiple estimates during the design phase to shape a project budget. Plan revisions, scope changes and budget considerations are all accounted for in a BHS estimate. Our preconstruction team has the expertise you need to give every penny purpose.

An Iterative Process

For Design-Build and Construction Manager at Risk projects, BHS will be your partner through each step of the design process. We help identify critical issues, gather input and review costs to ensure a project is aligning with the client's vision, timeline and staying on budget. Many renditions of your budget will be explored until we land on the building you want, in a budget you have, by the time you need it.

Start with success

Preconstruction lays the groundwork for a successful project.

"When BHS is going to be the contractor for a project that I am involved with, I know the entire project will run smoothly, efficiently and effectively."

Tracy Anderson

Anderson Knight Architects