March 16, 2024

BHS Construction Invests in NARCAN Education

BHS Construction’s investment in NARCAN training and distribution is a testament to their commitment to their employees’ and other construction trades’ well-being. Such initiatives can proactively bring about positive change, promote safety, and create a supportive culture within the construction community. By adopting such measures, lives can be saved, and the work environment can become a safer place for all.

The construction industry, often characterized by its grit and resilience, faces a sobering reality: it now holds the unfortunate distinction of having the highest rate of opioid overdose deaths among all occupations, according to a recent analysis from the CDC.

The current crisis is a result of various interconnected factors. Construction work is inherently risky and physically demanding, involving working at heights or operating heavy machinery. This exposes construction workers to potential injuries and accidents. Due to the profound need for pain management in the industry, there is a higher likelihood of opioid prescriptions. Opioids, while effective in alleviating moderate to severe pain, carry a significant risk of misuse and addiction. Unfortunately, this heightened exposure to opioids has translated into a surge in opioid-related fatalities among construction workers.

In the year 2019, almost 50,000 people lost their lives due to opioid overdoses in the United States. There is still hope despite the severity of this issue. Taking proactive measures to prevent and intervene can make a big difference in reducing the number of opioid-related deaths. One such intervention strategy gaining traction is the widespread dissemination of Naloxone, commonly known by its brand name NARCAN. Naloxone acts as an opioid antagonist, swiftly reversing the effects of opioid overdose by binding to opioid receptors and blocking their activity. This life-saving medication offers a crucial lifeline to those on the brink of overdose.

Many companies in the construction industry are taking steps to protect the health and safety of their workers. BHS Construction is one of those companies dedicated to prioritizing its employees’ well-being. BHS Construction offers all its workers free NARCAN training as part of their employee wellness program. This training equips employees with the knowledge and skills to recognize the signs of opioid overdose and administer Naloxone effectively, allowing them to act quickly in emergencies. Additionally, BHS Construction provides NARCAN kits to trained employees, ensuring that they have the necessary resources to respond effectively to opioid-related emergencies.

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