Crestview Christian Church


Value Engineering
Construction Management

Client Feature

The Crestview Christian Church Project was completed under budget by $70,000.

Architect & Location

Anderson Knight Architects
Manhattan, Kansas

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A 22,000 sq. ft. metal building provided a new place of worship for the members of Crestview Christian Church. On entry, you are welcomed through a spacious sanctuary where congregants can gather for worship and reflection. The new building houses modern office facilities, providing administrative space for the church's operations. The inclusion of a well-equipped kitchen, front lounge area and large youth room highlights the practicality of the design, facilitating community events, gatherings, and charitable initiatives, an important part of the church's mission.

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Adding to the charm and utility of the Crestview Christian Church construction project is the inclusion of a covered back patio. This outdoor space not only complements the aesthetics of the new building but also offers an excellent area for congregation members to enjoy the outdoors and engage in fellowship. It was important to the building committee that the project place a strong emphasis on the youth and educational aspects of the church. The youth recreation and classroom spaces will serve as dynamic environments for learning, growth and community-building among the younger members of the congregation.

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