Stanion Wholesale Electric Addition / Renovation

Project Features

  • Developed a GMP and Cost Model that the Owner Used for Financing to Purchase the Building Site
  • Helped the Owners Find and Procure The Purchase of the Lot & Building
  • Addition onto an Existing Metal Building
  • Tie in Floor Level Across Warehouse Floor
  • Tie Into and Upgrade Utilities for Larger Facility
  • Upgrade Fire Alarm System
  • Install Sprinkler System in Existing Space Building & New Building
  • Simple Saver Insulation System Used to Increase Energy Efficiency
  • Installed Slat Wall System for Retail Displays & Tool Storage
  • Completed $51,000 Under GMP

Project Summary

Area15,000 sq ft
LocationManhattan, Kansas
ArchitectLarry Shankweiler Architecture + Planning, P.A.